Tattoo After Care Information

Healing with dermal film

The beauty about dermal films (also known as “second skin” or by brand as Tegaderm) is that you can keep your bandage on your tattoo for up to 5 days (or at minimum 24 hours). Because of it’s ability to protect your tattoo for several days, you should expect some buildup of ink and fluids underneath your bandage — this is totally normal (and a little gross). Once you’re ready to remove your bandage, we highly recommend taking it off in the shower. The warm water will loosen the adhesive and also wash away any build up from your healing tattoo. Once your bandage is fully removed, make sure to clean your tattoo with warm water and soap at least a few times a day, then pat dry with a clean towel.

Dos and Dont's

While your tattoo heals, and as it begins to dry, apply an unscented, natural moisturizer of your choice, as needed.

Try not to pick at your tattoo! As tempting as it might be, scratching or picking will cause uneven healing, pigment loss, and possibly an infection. During the 2-3 week healing time, do not submerge it in water for prolonged periods of time - this includes bathtubs, swimming pools, oceans/rivers/hot springs, saunas, slip ‘n’ slides, etc.

And speaking of strenuous sports; try to avoid exercising, or other activities that will result in heavy sweating, for the first few days after your appointment. The gym can wait a few days — you deserve it!

Sunlight will damage a freshly healed tattoo, so remember to apply sunscreen for a minimum of 6 months after your appointment, and if you plan on keeping the lines crisp, sunscreen is now your best friend.

Post healing care

Our artists offer a complimentary touch up session within six months after your appointment for normal fading that can occur during healing.

*This free service does not include adding on to the design or fixing work that was not properly taken care of per our care instructions (i.e. exposure to sun or water before healing was complete).

Healing with medical absorbent bandages

If your skin is sensitive to adhesives, you might prefer a more traditional way of bandaging, by using an absorbent pad wrapped with sport tape. Keep this bandage on for 24 hours and then wash with warm water and soap.